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Background reading

This section holds general resources that we should all read. The list below is strongly biased towards technical issues, since the workshop as a whole is, but it is incomplete, and additions are strongly encouraged!

In particular, additions of useful resources in related categories might include, but are certainly not limited to:

The resources on this page should be considered background reading. They may help to inform opinions on the projects discussed in the workshop. There is no attempt here to duplicate, for example, the extensive archives at the EFF, EPIC, or any of many standards organizations. Depending on popular opinion, this page might be divided into two lists: those that everyone in the workshop should read, and background information that may or may not be useful but is gathered here as a convenience. We may also make another listing of all papers that have been submitted to the CFP Proceedings, or to the TIS special issue. (Papers contributed just to the workshop itself can be found here.)

Contributed papers

Papers contributed to the workshop can be found here, in the listing on the main conference program.

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