Keynote speaker: Austin Hill

CFP2000 - beyond creepy-crawly indolence

by Deiter Zinnbauer

Discussing privacy, freedom and the Internet is pretty much like show-and-tell in grade two. Everyone gets carried away when rambling on about their own favorite creepy crawlers and only grossness really scores high with the audience.

"Challenging the assumptions", the motto of this year's Computer Freedom and Privacy indicates a major effort to look beyond the politics of outrage about denial of service attacks or cyber-pornography. It provides a platform to explore the normative, technological and socio-political building blocks of Internet age freedom and privacy, their dynamic interrelationship and emerging institutional framing.

Austin Hill, the keynote speaker for the opening session, has for long been at the forefront of challenging entrenched assumptions and intellectual indolence with regard to online liberties. As co-founder of Zero Knowledge Systems he has pushed the technological frontier as well as the political discussion of cyber-privacy to a new level - and arguably evolved into the single most important threat to the business models of the DoubleClicks in this world.